Eagle Grocery

Pecos Trail Region
299 East Main Street Eagle Pass, TX 78852 (830) 773-2384


The border town of Eagle Pass, established as a lookout post along the Rio Grande River during the Mexican War of the mid-1800s, made an appropriate river crossing for travelers, particularly traders and trappers unaffiliated with the conflict. Once the war ended, the crossing remained, encouraged by the presence of the military garrison Fort Duncan just a few miles up the river, the site that ultimately served as the settlement’s permanent location and trade route. The sister city of Piedras Negras across the river assisted in the lively exchange of goods as well as gunfire as the crossing became a preferred escape route for fleeing outlaws.

Although the first Eagle Pass trading post, established by San Antonio merchant James Campbell in 1850 to provide area residents with goods and supplies, exists today only in the history archives, one of the city’s longest serving purveyors of goods, Eagle Grocery, continues the tradition. Opened in 1939 by Joe and Albert Rodriguez and located on Eagle Pass’ downtown Main Street, the family-owned Eagle Grocery is recognized throughout the region, serving Eagle Pass, Maverick County and Northern Mexico. The store’s meat market is its specialty, known for offering particularly fine cuts of meat. Eagle Grocery is also known by a Spanish nickname “La Tienda de Los Venados”, translated as the Store of the Deer, due to the whitetail deer trophy mounts decorating the walls of the interior.

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Eagle Grocery

299 East Main Street Eagle Pass, TX 78852