Downes-Aldrich House

Forest Trail Region
206 N. 7th Street Crockett, TX 75835 (936) 544-4804

The historical Downes-Aldrich house in Crockett, circa 1891-1893, is considered to be one of the most beautiful homes in Houston County. The Eastlake Victorian style house was home to some of the first settlers. The majestic house is rich with history, and according to area residents the house is also rich with a persistent other-world presence.

Two of Crockett's earliest families enjoyed living in the wooden mansion during the late 1800’s and early to mid 1900’s. James Elbert Downes and his wife Lizzie Downes were the builders and first owners of the house. Armistead Albert Aldrich and his wife Willie Aldrich later owned the house, where they spent their 50th wedding anniversary. The last family member known to have lived in the house was Mary Aldrich.

Downes-Aldrich House

206 N. 7th Street Crockett, TX 75835




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