Denver City Heritage Museum

Plains Trail Region
117 N. Avenue B Denver City, TX 79323 (806) 592-2897

The dream of the late Hazel Akin and Billy Ray Moore, the Denver City Heritage Museum began in 1984 in one room of the former elementary school. It was incorporated on March 11, 1985, and as interest and the number of donated artifacts grew, the Museum was moved in 1991 to the east end of the building and given five showrooms, a quilting room, storage room and office. As interest grew and the condition of the building began to be a concern, a new independent site was erected in the fall of 2015 at 117 N. Ave B. Also located outside the building is a giant arrow depicting the Quannah Parker Trail. Exhibits include oil field items, farm and ranching equipment, dentist tools, pharmacy items and other memorabilia important to the history of Denver City.

Denver City Heritage Museum

117 N. Avenue B Denver City, TX 79323




Tuesday-Thursday, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.