Daingerfield State Park

Forest Trail Region
455 Park Road 17 Daingerfield, TX 75638 (903) 645-2921

Located in the western half of the Cypress Creek Drainage Basin, this 501-acre park is rich in natural and cultural resources. Diverse wildlife, desirable climate and rich soils contributed to settlement of the area during both prehistoric and historic periods.

The park is especially known for its Rustling Leaves Nature Trail. This 2 1/2-mile hiking trail around the spring-fed lake provides visitors with opportunities to see the large pileated woodpecker and several other bird species. Also keep an eye out for squirrel, fox, armadillo, opossum, rabbits, deer, beaver and the many different reptile species found within the park.

Daingerfield State Park is in the mixed pine-hardwood forest of East Texas and boasts a variety of wildlife and plant species. Hike along its Daingerfield State Park: Rustling Leaves Nature Trail.

Daingerfield State Park

455 Park Road 17 Daingerfield, TX 75638


Entrance Fees

Adult: $4 Daily
Child 12 Years and Under : Free


Open 7 days a week year-round.

There is no gate.
Busy Season
Mid-March through Thanksgiving