Dabbs Railroad Hotel

Hill Country Trail Region
112 East Burnet Llano, TX 78643 (325) 247-2200

If you had been riding the rails of the Austin and Northwestern Railroad in the early 1900s you might have wanted to remain in your seat, making sure your train car continued along the rail extension to Llano where it terminated just minutes from the bucolic banks of the Llano River. Once the train arrived at the depot, you could have disembarked and strolled along the Llano streets for less than a block to your comfortable overnight accommodations at the Dabbs Railroad Hotel. Here, breezy porches, grounds of shady glades, and the lilting sounds of the Llano River offered a traveler respite and creature comforts. Today, the train no longer runs to Llano, although the tracks survive. Fortunately for you, so does the Dabbs. This historic, two-story railroad hotel built in 1906 continues to offer accommodations as one of Llano’s bed-and-breakfast getaways. Restored but modified for modern conveniences, the Dabbs offers seven rooms and an enclosed sleeping porch, along with four traditional railroad hotel baths. “Fluffy” bathrobes and the sounds of the tranquil Llano River are supplied gratis.

Dabbs Railroad Hotel

112 East Burnet Llano, TX 78643


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