Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Plains Trail Region
I-40 Groom, TX 79039 (806) 248-9006

This 190-foot-tall, 1,250-ton free-standing cross monument just off Interstate 40 near Groom, can be seen from twenty miles away and since 1995 has been a familiar landmark along Interstate 40 and historic Route 66 in Carson County, Texas. Construction of the cross frame was done in two shops in Pampa, Texas, by more than 100 welders. Construction took eight months to complete; every piece had to fit together when the frame was transported and assembled at the construction site forty miles away.

Today several facilites round out the site, including a visitor center and gift shop, an outdoor path noting stations of the cross, and an outdoor amphitheatre.


Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ

I-40 Groom, TX 79039