Concordia Hall

Independence Trail Region
952 S. Tesch Street Bellville, Texas 77418 (979) 885-8601

The Germans have a saying: “Wo man singt da lass dich ruhig nieder,boesse Menschen kennen keine Lieder,” which translates, “Where people sing, there you may abide in peace, for bad people have no songs.” German-Texan singing societies serve asboth a way to make beautiful music, and as social glue that kept German culture alive.

Bellville’s singing society – ConcordiaGesang-Verein – began in 1860 and performed in the original Concordia Hall. That hall was leveled by a hurricane in 1900, but rebuilt just south of downtown Bellville.

Voices still ring out in Concordia Hall. Each spring, groups from across the state converge on Bellville for FruehlingSaengerfest, a German singing festival featuring a biergarten, dancing, live music, and boisterous singalongs.

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Concordia Hall

952 S. Tesch Street Bellville, Texas 77418