Chinati Hot Springs

Mountain Trail Region
Hot Springs Road Marfa, TX 79843 (432) 229-4165

Opened in the 1930’s, the natural spring has provided healing waters to the indigenous people of the area for thousands of years. Today, the Springs offer a peaceful atmosphere for people to relieve themselves of the stresses of everyday life and discover the restorative waters that have made this area so magical. In order to fully enjoy the relaxation of the waters, The Chinati Hot Springs offers a variety of activities to keep the mind and body active as well. There are trails for hiking, mountain biking, or exploring the natural beauty of the unspoiled lands of deep canyons, cottonwood lined creek beds, distinctive geology and stunning sunsets. Many forms of wildlife are attracted to this oasis, and among them are many species of rare birds, which offer enjoyment year-round

Chinati Hot Springs

Hot Springs Road Marfa, TX 79843


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