Chandler Ranch

Pecos Trail Region
535 Independence Creek Road Dryden, TX 78851 (713) 703-6615

Chandler Ranch has been privately owned for over 100 years. The land sits at the confluence of Independence Creek and the Pecos River. It's an arid region, but the Chandler Ranch is blessed to have numerous springs, which feed several ponds on the ranch, in addition to the beautiful creek and the river, its eastern border. My husband's grandfather, Joe B. Chandler, established a guest ranch, including a golf course, in the 1950s. It was a thriving business for many years but was eventually closed to the public due to Mr. Chandler's declining health. Joe A. Chandler began to rebuild the guest ranch in 2014 and opened back up to the public in 2015. We now have 3 fully and expertly renovated cabins with modern luxuries, a full-time country cook and managerial staff to assist our guests, canoes and kayaks for floating down the Pecos, ponds stocked for fishing. The original game room and spring-fed swimming pool have also been restored.

Making our home a place for guests to enjoy natural beauty; taking care of that beauty is the story behind the creation of the Chandler Guest Ranch.

Chandler Ranch

535 Independence Creek Road Dryden, TX 78851


$400/night, includes prepared meals, kayaks, swimming, fishing, ATVs for exploring the ranch


Open 7 days a week for guests with reservations. Please call 713-703-6615 to book your stay at Chandler Ranch.