Tyrrell Park

Forest Trail Region
6088 Babe Zaharias Drive Beaumont, TX 77705 (409) 842-3135

Created from land donated by Captain W. C. Tyrrell in the early 1900s, the oil tycoon, venture capitalist, and philanthropist was one of Texas’s earliest pioneers, instrumental in bringing business to Beaumont and putting Beaumont on the map. A sprawling 1500-acre green reprieve, the multi-use space has been everything from a World War II prison camp to an instrumental locale during the Civil Rights movement.

It has since been renovated and revamped and turned into one of Texas’s most robust park systems, featuring the following attractions:

Warren Loose Conservatory
, the second-largest public conservatory in the state.
Cattail Marsh
, the reclaimed wastewater treatment plant turned wetlands boardwalk.
Tyrrell Park Stables
, offering lessons, trail rides, and other horse-related activities.
Tyrrell Park Archery Range
, a free 50-yard range with 10 targets.
Beaumont Botanical Gardens, a 23-acre garden that includes the Bert and Jack Binks Horticultural Center.

Tyrrell Park

6088 Babe Zaharias Drive Beaumont, TX 77705