Anhalt Hall

Hill Country Trail Region
2390 Anhalt Road Spring Branch, TX 78070 (830) 438-2873

With music from country to polka, regular dances are held monthly at Anhalt Hall, located in southwestern Comal County, 28 miles west of New Braunfels. The first part of the hall was constructed in 1879, and additions were completed in 1898 and 1908. The main part of the hall was built in 1908. When the first part of Anhalt Hall was completed in 1879, the association used it as a meeting place. In 1887 the German Farmer Association began building a larger meeting hall connected to the original structure. It was completed in 1898 and is the present-day seating area for the dance hall. In 1908 a 6,000-square-foot oak dance floor was added to the hall.

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Anhalt Hall

2390 Anhalt Road Spring Branch, TX 78070


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