Andrews County Veterans Memorial

Pecos Trail Region
700 West Broadway Andrews, TX 79714 (432) 523-2695

A memorial in the truest sense, Andrews County Veterans Memorial was built in 2006 to honor Andrews Americans whose profound sacrifices for the nation can never be recognized by mere words. With its heroic eagle sculpture and detailed picture artwork, the memorial is a distinctive American interpretation of classic greatness. As you walk through the front entrance, six-foot granite tablets are to the left and right of the entrance sidewalk. Beginning with the American Civil War and through the Fight Against Terrorism, each war is listed on a granite tablet stating the time period, history, conflict, and conditions our Veterans were faced to reckon with. The detail and beauty of the memorial and it's true artwork depiction featured on the war tablets is a sight to see. The amazing detailing of Ray A. Simon artwork for the wars are also set in the granite tablets of the memorial, features war images from the war period and era. The memorial truely honors those who fell, celebrating those who returned, and acknowledges the service and sacrifice of all United States Veterans.

Andrews County Veterans Memorial

700 West Broadway Andrews, TX 79714


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