American Windmill Museum

Plains Trail Region
1701 Canyon Lake Drive Lubbock, TX 79043 (806) 747-8734


Travel down any Texas highway, regardless of direction, season or time of day, and you’ll pass a windmill. The windmill is the workhorse of arid lands, independent but dependable, and ubiquitous as a fence post. Lubbock’s American Windmill Musuem (formerly the American Wind Power Center) celebrates the windmill and the history of wind power by offering visitors a look at over 150 wooden and metal windmills and wind turbines.

The museum is a windmill lover’s paradise, spanning the history of the American windmill from the early Halladays, with their collapsing wheels and draft horse counterweights, to a giant megawatt wind turbine. The American Windmill Musuem is the culmination of efforts by the late Billie Wolfe, a faculty member of Texas Tech’s College of Home Economics and self-appointed windmill researcher and CEO of Wind Engineering Corporation (and Lubbock native) Coy Harris. Among the twenty-eight acres of spinning wheels across the Center’s grounds, the beautifully restored wooden Axtell Standard is a particular standout. The slender blades of the twenty-two and a half-foot, hand-wrought wheel, once a routine sight across Texas farms of the early 1900s, capture light in lacey rotations and when in motion sounds like the voice of the wind.

In 2016 a 33,000-square foot building was added to the complex. The relationship between the railroads and windmills of the 1800’s is celebrated with a 6,600-square-foot model train layout where 3D printed windmills and custom built houses illustrate the interaction between the railroads and windmills.

American Windmill Museum

1701 Canyon Lake Drive Lubbock, TX 79043


Adults: $7.50, Children (5-12): $5.00, Children (4 and younger) & Military (w/ID): Free, Seniors (60+) & Veterans: $6.00

$20 for a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children)


Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and (May-September) Sunday 2 p.m-5 p.m.