African American Cultural Heritage District

Hill Country Trail Region
1152 San Bernard Street Austin, TX 78702 (512) 505-8738


Austin, capital of Texas and a major Hill Country city, came up with a way to bring its many historic African American heritage sites together under one project. It created a six square mile district in the central eastern segment of the city now known as the African American Cultural Heritage District. The district is home to a number of significance sites of national, regional, and local importance that celebrate African Americans and others who played important roles in creating the diversity and innovation that makes Austin attractive to businesses and creative minds worldwide today. The District also represents the legacy of Austin’s 1928 city plan, a master plan with a goal to institutionalize racial segregation by forcing all African Americans living in Austin to relocate to Central East Austin. Over seventy-five years later, city managers began working with African American leaders to preserve landmarks integral to the history and heritage of African Americans in Austin and, together, they created the District. Today, District landmarks include the Victory Grill, the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center, the Dedrick-Hamilton House, Huston Tillotson University, and the artistic Reflections Mural. The District’s steering committee also sponsors year-round events, including guided tours of the District.

African American Cultural Heritage District

1152 San Bernard Street Austin, TX 78702


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