Abilene State Park

Forts Trail Region
150 Park Road 32 Tuscola, TX 79562 (325) 572-3204

Located southwest of Abilene among a low range of hills called the Callahan Divide. The 529-acre park was developed in several stages—fall of 1933 through September 1934 and then June-September 1935--by two distinct CCC companies--one a mixed-race unit of World War I veterans, the other an all-black veterans' group. Working with native and local materials, such as limestone and red Permian sandstone, these mature men crafted the concession building’s high masonry arches and the pool shelters’ pyramidal roofs, designs reminiscent of classic Romanesque architecture. Today, many of these stuctures are still inuse, including the concession building, swimming pool and shelters, pergolas, a water tower, stone pump house, water fountains, stone seats, picnic tables, and fireplaces. The park offers camping, hiking, picnicking and fishing - and swimming in the summer.

Abilene State Park

150 Park Road 32 Tuscola, TX 79562


Adult: $5, Children (Ages 12 and younger): Free

Group Adult - Contact the Park


Open 7 days a week year-round.