White Deer

Plains Trail Region

The statue of a white deer was erected in the center of Main Street in White Deer (Carson County, Texas) in the spring of 1918—the original idea of resident R. A. Thompson with the assistance of a few early settlers. A transient concrete fabricator came through White Deer anxious for work and contracted with Mr. Thompson and others to erect the statiue for a sum of $100, and in booming ecnomic times a handful of local business leaders raised the money in less than thirty minutes.

Today the descendants of Polish settlers celebrate their heritage at an annual Sausage Festival, held at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

More about White Deer, from Wikipedia: The community was first settled around 1882, when the British-owned Francklyn Land and Cattle Company, later reorganized as the White Deer Land Company, occupied the area and began stocking it with cattle. George Tyng, general manager of the property, built the headquarters for White Deer or Diamond F Ranch at the site in 1887. Around the same time, the Purcell Company purchased land in the vicinity as a right-of-way for the Southern Kansas Railway of Texas. A depot was built in 1888. The site was initially known as Paton (after John Paton), then Whig, before being renamed White Deer in January 1899, after nearby White Deer Creek

White Deer