Glen Rose

Lakes Trail Region

No wonder Glen Rose is the “Dinosaur Capital of Texas.” The state’s best-preserved dinosaur tracks draw thousands of visitors to the Paluxy River and the 1,500-acre Dinosaur Valley State Park. Two model dinosaurs lend scale to life in the park some 100 million years ago. Next door other 100 life-sized dinosaur replicas loom large at Dinosaur World. Not far away, the Creation Evidence Museum touts the theory that humans coexisted with dinosaurs. Charles and Juana Barnard arrived in 1860 to harness the Paluxy River for a gristmill that’s now Barnard’s Mill and Art Museum. The State Antiquities Landmark retells the Barnards’ story while displaying works of several artists, including local sculptor Robert Summers. A short walk away, Summers’ life-sized bronze statue of the Barnards graces the lawn of the Somervell County Courthouse. The Richardsonian Romanesque edifice anchors a quaint historic downtown with specialty shops, restaurants and a historic inn. South of town lies a 1,700-acre animal conservation park called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. One thousand endangered, threatened and native animals call these rolling hills home. A 9.5-mile scenic drive allows close encounters with giraffe, zebras and exotic deer. Lodging includes overnight stays in safari-like tent cabins.