Plains Trail Region

Prairies provided grasses for early ranchers and rich soil for early farmers who turned ranchland into farmland around 1900. This cattle-to-cotton story is told at Dimmitt’s Castro County Museum, housed in the 1909 home of area resident Jeff Gilbreath. Period farm implements are housed in two World War II barracks relocated from a prisoner-of-war camp 20 miles away at Hereford. Five of the 7,000 Italian prisoners held at the POW camp died during captivity and were buried at a prisoner-built chapel, which features magnificent Italian paintings. Former POWs who later revisited the site have donated mementos and letters to the museum.

Dimmitt's historic counrthouse square is home to the Art Moderne sandstone courthouse built in 1940 and designed by Townes & Funk architectural firm, and one of the few surviving original obelisk markers denoting the Ozark Trail, a series of automobile trails that was a precursor to the federal highway system.

Murals on sides of the Higginbotham-Bartlett Hardware Store building depict the history of Dimmitt and Castro County.