Red Door Bed & Breakfast

Built in 1894.

Credit: Red Door Bed & Breakfast

A Time Capsule on Courthouse Square

In this photo of Mason's courthouse square, circa 1889, the two-story stone Ranck store appears at right. The buildings now occupied by the Red Door were eventually built to the right of the Ranck store, just out of frame.
Credit: Mason County Historical Commission.
Pictured: Saloons were more commonplace in Mason until 1907, when the county voted to go dry in an attempt to rehabilitate the town's "wild west" nature.
Credit: Mason County News, June 15, 1894.

Gowing’s Saloon

Credit: Courtesy of Brent and Monica Hinckley.

The Hidden Cellar

The C. C. Smith Dance Hall

Musical Interlude

What did the band play?

"I had made up my mind that I either be somebody or break down."
Anna Mebus Martin

From Riches to Rags to Riches

Anna Martin & Sons General Merchandise "Pay Highest Price for Cotton, Wool and Hides" July 21, 1891.
Credit: Texas General Land Office.

A Head for Business

Pictured: Anna with her sons, Charles (Chas) and Max. Date unknown.
Credit: Archives of the Commercial Bank.

Anna Becomes a Bank Owner

More than just a woman-owned bank, Commercial Bank was actively supportive of its female clients and encouraged their financial independence. In a letter, Anna wrote, "I heard men say, she is only a woman, but I showed them what a woman could do.”
Credit: Mason County News, November 17, 1911.

Courthouse Square Over the Years

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