Galveston Historic Overnights: Grand Galvez Hotel

Built in 1911.

Pictured: The exterior of the Grand Galvez today.
Credit: Courtesy of Grand Galvez.

Building a Pink Lady

The east loggia of the Grand Galvez, ca. 1920.
Credit: Rosenberg Library.

The War and the White House

Grand Prize Winners, Bathing Girl Revue, Galveston, Texas, May 1927.
Credit: Rosenberg Library.

The Pageant of Pulchritude

Pictured: International Pageant of Pulchritude contestant on top of an automobile, Galveston, Texas. 1927
Credit: Rosenberg Library.
Pictured: left to right, 1926 contestants Miss Winnipeg, Miss Dallas, and Senorita Mexico.
Credit: Galveston Daily News, May 17, 1926.
Peacock Alley in 1911 and 2022.
Credit: Courtesy of Grand Galvez.

The Queen's Makeover


Mallory Laurel

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