Galveston Historic Overnights: Tremont House

The First Tremont House

Pictured: An advertisement for Tremont House published in Houston's The Morning Star, January 26, 1843.
Credit: Portal to Texas History.

A Place to See and be Seen

More about Sam Houston's Address

The Second Tremont House

An advertisement (ca. 1880) for the first Tremont House on the northwest corner of Tremont at Church St.
Credit: Rosenberg Library
From left to right: the dining area, lobby, and pool hall of Tremont House in 1908.
Credit: Rosenberg Library

The Third Tremont House

Pictured: An engraving of Leon Blum. Date unknown.
Credit: Rosenberg Library.

The Merchant Prince Buys Tremont House

The Tremont House Today

Q: What elements of the hotel are original?

The wooden beams and posts under each column in the public area, maple hardwood floors and pressed tin ceilings in the oldest and most historic wing, and the Baldwin knobs that can…


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