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Guides & Apps

Get on the road and explore Texas’ rich heritage with the Texas Heritage Trails' travel guides and mobile tours! Click the images below to download the guides or access the mobile tours. Some of our guides are available in print and can be mailed directly to you at no charge—please submit an order form to receive a guide in print.

Statewide Travel Guide

Experience the vastness and wonder of the Lone Star State with the Texas Historical Commission’s Texas Heritage Travel Guide. Encompassing all 10 Texas Heritage Trail Regions, the guide highlights historic destinations that tell the real stories of Texas. From beautifully restored courthouses to historic frontier forts, use this guide and map as a starting point for your next adventure and immerse yourself in the captivating story of Texas.

Texas Heritage Travel Guide

Herencia de Texas Guía Turística

Texas Heritage Travel Guide Statewide Map

Texas State Historic Site Guide

The Texas State Historic Sites guide features more than 30 Texas Historical Commission destinations across the state. These unique places honor the past and inspire an understanding of what it means to be a Texan. From western forts and simple homesteads to Victorian mansions and pivotal battlegrounds, use this guide as a starting point for your next adventure.

Texas State Historic Sites Official Guide

Sitios Históricos del Estado de Texas (español)

Mobile Apps

Explore the real places and real stories of Texas through the Texas Time Travel mobile tours, featuring a rich blend of images, videos, first-person interviews, maps, and useful visitor information for exploring historical sites across Texas. Click here to learn more about all of the mobile app's tours and features. Go to to view the full app on the web.

The following tours are currently available. Click on any of the below icons to view a web-app version of the mobile tours.

African Americans in Texas: A Lasting Legacy

The Chisholm Trail: Exploring the Folklore and Legacy

Fulton Mansion State Historic Site

German Texans: Land, Freedom, Community

Hispanic Texans: Journey from Empire to Democracy

Historic Bankhead Highway

La Salle Odyssey

The Red River War

Texas: Forged of Revolution

Town Square Walk Around

WWI: Texas and the Great War

World War II on the Texas Home Front

Thematic Travel Guides

From the pivotal role that Texas played in attaining victory in World War II to the hardships and triumphs of African Americans, explore the real stories of Texas through the following theme-based travel guides. The newest guide, Texas and the Great War, follows the role of Texans in World War I.

African Americans in Texas: A Lasting Legacy

The Chisholm Trail: Exploring the Folklore and Legacy

El Sendero de Chisholm (Español)

Hispanic Texans: Journey from Empire to Democracy

Texas Hispano: Viaje Desde El Imperio Hasta La Democracia (Español)

Red River War of 1874-1875

Texas in the Civil War: Stories of Sacrifice, Valor, and Hope

Texas and the Great War

Texas y la Gran Guerra (Español)

Texas in World War II: United by Duty, Honor, and the Fight for Freedom

Bankhead Highway: The Broadway of America

The La Salle Odyssey: One Story Told by Seven Museums

Trail Region Travel Guides

Each covering a unique region of Texas, the 10 Texas Heritage Trail Region travel guides provide insightful visitor information to help you get out and explore the state’s historic and cultural wonders. 

Texas Brazos Trail: Exploring the Heritage of Central Texas

Texas Forest Trail: Exploring the Heritage of East Texas

Texas Forts Trail: Exploring the Heritage of West Central Texas

Texas Hill Country Trail: Exploring the Mystique of Central Texas

Texas Independence Trail: Deadly Battles, Heroic Deeds, and a History Shaped by a Desire for Freedom

Texas Lakes Trail: Exploring the Heritage of North Central Texas

Texas Pecos Trail: Exploring the Spirit of West Texas

Texas Plains Trail: Exploring the Heritage of the Panhandle Plains

Texas Mountain Trail: Exploring the Heritage of Far West Texas

Texas Tropical Trail: Exploring the Culture of South Texas