Market Square Research Center

Tropical Trail Region
1150 Market Square Brownsville, TX 78250 (956) 546-4242

Since its opening in 1852, residents gathered daily at Brownsville’s Market Square to purchase fruits, vegetables, meats, and sweets. The market closed in the 1940s and became city offices, but recent restoration of the open archways that were once merchant stalls has created gallery and public programming space.

The historic market is home to the Brownsville Historical Association’s collections, which include classic Mexican cinema posters, historic costumes, artifacts, and one of the largest collections of regional photographs. The facility also holds research archives, including the recently added chamber of commerce records. Viewings of the collection are available by appointment through the Brownsville Historical Association.

Market Square Research Center

1150 Market Square Brownsville, TX 78250


Tuesday- Friday, by appointment only.