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African Americans in Texas: A Lasting Legacy

Freedmen communities, Rosenwald schools, family cemeteries, civil rights archives, historic neighborhoods, and stops along the Chitlin Circuit all tell their part of the story of African Americans in Texas.  This tour guides travelers to the places that carry forward the legacy of African Americans’ many contributions to the Lone Star State.

The Chisholm Trail: Exploring the Folklore and Legacy

Experience the adventure, hardship, and diversity of the people who drove the longhorns, grew the industry, and remain part of Texas’ cowboy legacy.

Fulton Mansion State Historic Site

Built in 1877, the Fulton Mansion stands today as a lasting testament to Texas’ flourishing economy at the turn of the 19th century. This tour guides visitors throughout the interior and across the grounds of this iconic Victorian villa, providing interpretive audio tracks and galleries of historic images.

German Texans: Land, Freedom, Community

German immigrants influenced education, politics, and architecture in Texas, and brought their celebrated food, music, and culture.

Historic Bankhead Highway

From late night big band shows at classic hotels of the roaring twenties to the service stations and auto courts that promised freedom on the open road, this tour guides you on a statewide road trip along 850 miles of historic highway from Texarkana to El Paso.

Hispanic Texans: Journey from Empire to Democracy

This mobile tour guides travelers to the historic presidios, missions, and ranchos of early Spanish colonization, and to the barrios, cultural districts, dance halls, and museums that express Texas’s Hispanic heritage.  The tour’s documentary style short videos introduce travelers to little known histories of Texans who maintain and elaborate the rich and vibrant legacy of Hispanic communities from Brownsville to the Panhandle.

La Salle Odyssey

Follow the misadventures of Sieur de la Salle, as you explore France’s early attempt to colonize Texas. This mobile tour guides travelers to seven museums that hold collections of artifacts unearthed in Matagorda Bay and at the site of Fort Saint Louis, including La Salle’s famous ship, La Belle.

The Red River War

Through explorations of artifacts held in collections spread across the Texas Panhandle, travelers will discover the weapons, soldiers, and strategies of this little known war.  While none now survive who once fought, the archaeological record uncovered at battlefield dig sites provides fresh interpretations of events, giving new voices to the fallen and an alternative spin to history.

Texas: Forged of Revolution

Little-known and epic perspectives reveal the people and places of the struggle, violence, and chaos in Tejas during the time of revolution.

Town Square Walk Around

Through narrated slideshows and galleries of historic images, this tour guides travelers on an investigation of the architecture and layout of Texas’ historic plazas and town squares.

World War I: Texas and the Great War

This tour explores the historic sites and locations that keep alive Texas' role in winning the war abroad while adapting to massive social change at home.

World War II on the Texas Home Front

Explore Texan contributions on the home front to the war effort abroad.  This tour guides you to POW and enemy alien internment camps, airfields, navy bases, and little known relics of war that keep alive the legacy of the 20th century’s greatest conflict.

Mobile App Features

Explore thematic historical topics with narrated tour slideshows

Each tour contains a series of narrated slideshows that discuss and illustrate historical topics related to the tour’s theme.  These slideshows provide a broad context for each tour's content. As an example, watch the Airfields and Military Training in Texas slideshow produced for inclusion in the World War II on the Texas Home Front tour:

Hear the real story from real Texans with documentary style tour videos

Several tours also include documentary style short videos that feature first person accounts of historic events as told by Texans who lived the history. As an example, watch the WASP Homecoming tour video produced for inclusion in the World War II on the Texas Home Front tour:

Find the Real Places of Texas History

Explore statewide tour information with lists of tour sites organized by city

Each mobile tour presents all of the historic sites and locations included in the mobile tour via a list organized by city.  When mobile app users select a historic site or location from the list, the mobile app will direct users to the selected site or location’s information page.

See tour site locations statewide with our GPS enabled tour maps

Historic sites and locations included in each of the tours are also presented on GPS enabled tour maps.  Users may select individual site location pins to reveal each site’s name and then select a site name to navigate to the selected site’s information page.

Plan the perfect day trip with the ‘Nearby’ feature

The mobile app’s ‘Nearby’ feature uses your mobile phone’s GPS signal to locate nearby historic sites featured in all of the mobile tours.  Users may select individual site location pins to reveal each site’s name and then select a site name to navigate to the selected site’s information page.

Enhance your travel experience with galleries of photographs and engaging audio tracks

Once users navigate to a historic site or location information page, users will find galleries of contemporary and historic photographs, narrated audio tracks that reveal a little-known history of the historic site or location, detailed contact and visitation information, and a link to the GPS enabled tour map.