Forest Trail Region


The town of Uncertain offers a place of exotic beauty, deep secrets, the haunts of wildlife where visitors can find harmony and peace. For over a hundred years, because Uncertain is well-placed on the shores of Caddo Lake, the town provides unique fishing opportunities, boat rides through a cathedral of cypress, and the chance to photograph or paint breath-taking vistas. People can experience one of nature's most special places.

Especially important to Uncertain is Caddo Lake. Caddo Lake, the mysterious and intriguing Texas treasure, is stretched across the Texas-Louisiana border. Caddo is Texas' only naturally formed lake and covers 32,700 acres of a maze of channels, meandering bayous, and sloughs within thousands of acres of Spanish moss draped bald cypress. Caddo Lake was the site of the world's first off-shore drilling for oil.

In May and June, hundreds of female Red-ear Sliders come ashore to lay eggs. The City of Uncertain posts "Turtle Crossing" signs along the roadways to alert motorists to watch for the "reptilian mothers" crossing the roads.

The origin of Uncertain’s name for the town is uncertain. One possibility is when goods-laden steamboats traveled through Caddo Lake in route to Jefferson, Texas. Because of fluctuating water levels, mooring was often "uncertain."