Brazos Trail Region


Although formally named “Temple Junction” in honor of chief railroad engineer Bernard Moore Temple of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway, the townsite was once known locally as “Mud Town” and “Tanglefoot”. Temple has come a long way since its founding as a railroad town in the 1880’s but that doesn’t mean the city has abandoned its past. The Temple Historic Marker Program, a project of the Temple Historic Preservation Committee, recognizes the city’s many historic landmarks. Separate from the official state and federal projects, the Temple program provides a unique, local aspect for preserving the region’s important heritage and strives to instill a sense of community pride in Temple residents. Handsomely restored private homes, downtown office buildings, parks, and churches have all received Temple’s own version of the historical marker, drawing attention to the rich architectural heritage of the city and surrounding region. More history about this Texas Brazos Trail Region city can be discovered in Temple’s cultural centers including the Czech Heritage Museum and the Railroad and Heritage Museum.