Independence Trail Region


Did you get a good night’s sleep last night? Chances are you may have been sleeping on a Sealy mattress, modern version of the original Haynes Mattress Factory product (a predecessor company of today’s mattress manufacturing giant). Mattresses, in fact, were at one time a premiere product of the community of Sealy. Sealy was established in the late 1880’s by Anglo-American colonists and named for George Sealy, an executive director of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad. The community quickly rose in status to major marketing and manufacturing center courtesy of the region’s railroad traffic. Companies like the Haynes (later acquired by investors who changed the name to Sealy Mattress Company) and the Engleking Brothers Broom Factory helped create a thriving economy by the turn of the 19th century.

Want to see where you’re Grandma’s mattress may have been stuffed? Visit Sealy today and tour the original Haynes Mattress Factory where Daniel Haynes, inventor and a Sealy community forefather, put his trademark felted cotton, non-tufted mattress manufacturing process to work. Elsewhere in town, history abounds in landmark Victorian homes and commercial buildings that reflect a distinct style brought to the region by European-American settlers. In cooperation with nearby communities like Bellville, Sealy also hosts a busy calendar of events including the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Festival, designed to draw attention to this native and endangered grouse, food and live music festivals like the annual Fruehling Saengerfest featuring German sausage and polka, and Sealy’s annual food, wine and beer tasting afternoon known as the Epicurean Event.