Plains Trail Region


Plainview, a Texas Main Street city, is home to the Museum of the Llano Estacado, repository for the region’s ancient past. Plainview also maintains a remarkable collection of early-twentieth century commercial buildings, collectively known as the Plainview Commercial Historic District, with over sixty surviving buildings contributing to the unique character of the town. Almost all of the buildings are of masonry construction and ornamented in a range of styles from Classical Revival to Art Moderne. The collection of buildings represents the type of commercial development common throughout the development of the Texas Panhandle region during the early 1900s. The Hale County Courthouse anchors this well-preserved historic district, a Classical Revival edifice completed in 1910.

Plainview is also the site of discovery for a long spear point, distinct for its association with some of the earliest human occupants in the region. Discovered in 1941 in a local caliche quarry, the point led to a fossil bone deposit that yielded a collection of human-made artifacts as well as the remains of approximately one hundred ancient bison, an extinct species nearly twice the size of the modern animal. A commemoration of this archeological find, known as the Plainview Point Monument, helps preserve this 9,000 year old site.