Plains Trail Region


The first structure believed to appear on the site of Miami, Roberts County seat, was a half-dugout erected by settler Marion Armstrong to service the stagecoaches traveling the mail route between Fort Elliott, Mobeetie, and Las Vegas, New Mexico. The year was 1879 and the location, in a pastoral valley called Red Deer Creek with Mount Moriah in the background, ended up on the Southern Kansas Railway route. Miami, supposedly a Native American word meaning “sweetheart”, served as cattle shipping point for the region’s ranches, including the Turkey Track and the Bar CC, both factors in the invention of the National Cow Calling Competition decades later, an annual event taking place in the community every June since 1949. Today, cow calling is one event among several taking place in this cozy Panhandle town. The historic railroad depot now serves as the Roberts County Museum and the courthouse, a Classical Revival edifice built in 1913, has been restored with help from the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program.