Tropical Trail Region

HISTORY ABOUNDS IN MATHIS TEXAS located on farm road 359 along Interstate Highway 37 in western San Patricio County. The area, with once beaten battlegrounds ix now lush with farmland, brush and grass for cattle grazing. The Nueces River once divided Texas from Mexico. It was a much-disputed boundary, and it wasn't until the United States / Mexican war that the issue was settled, making the Rio Grande the official boundary. One of the more famous battles between the two countries was fought at old San Patricio, founded by the Irish and located 10 miles south of Mathis. The area was once inhabited by Karankawa and Lipan Apache Indians and was the site of several unsuccessful settlement attempts in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Once traversed by Kawakawa and Lipan Apaches, the area is drained by the Nueces River, a disputed boundary between Texas and Mexico in the mid-19th century. The river now feeds the 21,000-acre Lake Corpus Christi, which is a major source of water for the City of Corpus Christi.

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