Hill Country Trail Region


The Texas Main Street City of Llano graces the banks of the clear running Llano River in a pleasant blend of historic preservation and green, leafy landscapes. This Texas Hill Country Trail destination is a favorite among Texas travelers for its relaxed pace and rural peacefulness. However, it wasn’t quite always so. Iron deposits were discovered nearby in the late 1800s, inciting a short-lived boom that produced plenty of plans but brought few to fruition when mineral amounts proved too insignificant for commercial exploitation. Llano’s loss was perhaps also its salvation, sparing the region from smelting and foundry waste and preserving its clean air and beautiful, spring-fed river waters. Granite, on the other hand, was plentiful and the granite quarry business achieved a million dollars a year in sales by mid-20th century. Llano also serves as Llano County seat, and its Romanesque Revival courthouse retains its original 1893 character through participation in the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program. Its companion, the Llano County Jail, was erected nearby just two years later. Known as “Red Top” by prisoners in residence for its red roof, the Romanesque Revival jail is composed of locally quarried granite with the upper floors dedicated to the gallows. Guided tours are available.