Independence Trail Region


Visitors to Liberty will discover that this community has roots reaching all the way back to 1756. Established under Mexican rule in 1831 and as Villa de la Santísima Trinidad de la Libertad, Liberty already had company from Spanish settlement Atascosito, established over seventy-five years earlier, and the 1818 French colony Champ d’Asile. Citizens of the community eventually elected to shorten and anglicize the rather cumbersome name to Liberty. Post-Texas Revolution, Sam Houston owned two plantations nearby and set up his law practice in town. As Liberty County seat the community served as center of a thriving plantation region, garnering a large population of African Americans who, once freed, continued to live in Liberty despite segregation. Liberty has taken great care to preserve its signature past, archiving much of its artifacts at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center. The Center houses the largest known collection of photographs and illustrations of Sam Houston in the world and preserves a library of material on various topics key to Texas history. The Center’s grounds feature four relocated historic structures including three homes from the early 1800s and the 1930s Hull Rotary Building. Liberty also hosts the Liberty Jubilee, an annual spring event featuring live music, and Country Christmas, a lighted nighttime parade starring Santa.