Pecos Trail Region

Kermit can claim a “Kermit the Frog Boulevard.” But the seat of Winkler County actually was named for Pres. Teddy Roosevelt’s son, Kermit, who hunted antelope on a local ranch shortly before the county organized in 1910. That same year cattleman W. H. Seastrunk disassembled his Carpenter Gothic ranch house and reassembled it in town. Now called the Medallion Home, the century-old structure houses period furnishings that rekindle life of an earlier time. The kitchen boasts a wood-burning stove and old-fashioned ice box. One room features the 1915 Victorian wedding dress and marriage license of Kate Lovett Baird, whose family once owned the house. Historic photos retell Kermit’s story of the 1910s and 1920s, when a nearby oil discovery created a boomtown. An exterior wall mural downtown depicts the area’s cowboy and Indian past, as well as its oil boom era and the sand dunes found near town.