Tropical Trail Region


The capital of Scotland may have its castle but our Edinburg has something even better—a full-sized replica of an Ice Age woolly mammoth, located in the town's Museum of South Texas History. The Edinburg museum's holdings, many of them authentic period artifacts, trace the region's heritage from its pre-history through Spanish conquest, the U.S–Mexico War, and on to its more recent ranching legacy. The expansive museum building has a story of its own as well, with an original section that once served as the Hidalgo County jail, including the dreaded hanging tower. The 1900s, perhaps considered the modern age in the Edinburg's rich past, brought crop irrigation to the region and with it came agricultural production, including sugarcane and melons. The Southern Pacific Railroad arrived to town in 1927 and its period depot, now restored and home to the Edinburg Chamber, has its own collection of railroad artifacts and memorabilia, including the ceremonial spike used in the rail line's local opening ceremony. Known as the "gateway city" to the Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg has a lot going on. Take a tour and see for yourself! (Kilts optional). https://youtu.be/EfWuJbHMCbc?si=tx8o_0-Mbp_SfYYF