Forts Trail Region

Most visitors know the high hills, wide-open spaces and many lakes around Coleman as a paradise for hunters and anglers. But the area’s history rekindles the drama of the Old West. Comanche led by Chief Santana hunted bison here when the U.S. Army established Camp Colorado in the 1850s. The county soon was formed, but few settlers came until after the Civil War. That’s when savvy cattlemen rounded up thousands of wild longhorn cattle and drove them through Coleman County along the Great Western Trail to railhead markets in Kansas. Coleman became the county seat in 1876. The economy shifted to cotton after 1900, and the county built a grand stone courthouse in 1884, later remodeled as a modern brick building. A 1917 church now houses Heritage Hall and Coleman Museum, which displays local artworks and heritage exhibits ranging from military artifacts to antique toys. Heritage comes to life during the annual PRCA rodeo and the Fiesta de la Paloma, which features dove, brisket and pinto bean cook-offs.