Forts Trail Region

Henry Mobley was lucky to build his two-story hotel in 1916. When oil blew in a year later, the Mobley stayed so full it rented rooms in eight-hour shifts. In 1919, a young entrepreneur named Conrad Hilton arrived to buy a Cisco bank. When the deal fell through, Hilton ventured into the hotel business, buying the Mobley instead. Upon purchase of his first hotel, he “dreamed of Texas wearing a chain of Hilton hotels.” Exhibits at the Mobley recount the Hilton legacy. Other exhibits recall local history, including the famous Santa Claus bank robbery of 1927 where a quartet of men, one donning a Santa Claus suit, stole $12,400, killed two police officers and prompted the largest manhunt in the state at the time. The restored hotel also contains the chamber of commerce and offers performances by the Cisco Junior College theater department. Cisco’s 1915 city hall houses the Lela Latch Lloyd Museum. Named after a local historian, schoolteacher and author, the museum interprets artifacts dating from prehistoric times to the town’s formative years. Items range from a 1,000-year-old Anasazi clay pot to a collection of antique metal detectors.