Canyon Lake

Hill Country Trail Region


Canyon Lake, completed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers in 1966, was created to control annual floodwaters along the Guadalupe River. Naturally, a recreational community of businesses and homeowners developed around this popular reservoir and, today, the City of Canyon Lake provides services to bass anglers, boaters, and skiers who enjoy the lake waters as well as kayakers, fly fishing enthusiasts, and “toobers” who negotiate the meandering Guadalupe River below the Canyon Lake Dam. Who would have thought that flood control could be so much fun?! Geology fans will want to tour nearby Canyon Lake Gorge (guided tours only), a deep, narrow gorge created by the dramatic 2002 flood event that compromised the lake’s spillway route. The flooding revealed layers of rock strata and fossils rarely exposed naturally, giving visitors a sense of the Hill Country’s amazing geology and prehistoric past. In town, history buffs can visit The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country where exhibits on regional paleontology, archeology, and geology feature artifacts from the region. The Museum also highlights early Hill Country farming practices with authentic antique farming equipment.