Forest Trail Region


Bullard, located in southern Smith County, distinguishes its origins with a historical marker commemorating the town well, source of reliable waters and instrumental in the community’s success throughout the late 1800s. Today, Bullard is home to the American Freedom Museum, owned and operated by the privately funded, Christian-based Brook Hill School. Nearby, the handsomely restored “Myrtle-Vale”, an 1854 plantation mansion built by Colonel John Dewberry, provides visitors with an idea of what life might have been like for slave-owning landed gentry in a pre-Civil War Texas. Bullard is located on land once dominated by the Caddo who likely drew from the same reliable spring waters that later made growth possible for the Bullard community. Also distinctive was early Bullard law enforcement’s rolling wooden tank on wheels, considered a movable jail, used to incarcerate prisoners on their way to the “big house” in nearby Tyler.