Forts Trail Region


The Texas Forts Trail community of Brady has served as middle ground for Central Texans since its establishment in the 1870s. Founded halfway between Fort Mason and Fort Griffin, Brady’s secure location along a frontier military road proved fortuitous. Selected as McCulloch County seat in 1876, Brady benefited from cattle drives and railroads and soon determined to build the Romanesque Revival style courthouse featuring distinctive exterior stonework and elaborate interior vaulted arches. The County restored the landmark building, still an active center of government and rewarding heritage site, through the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program. In 1926 Brady residents created a recreational place to come together and celebrate, building the forty-two acre Richards Park and organizing a two-day celebration on a Fourth of July weekend. Today, this “July Jubilee” is closing in on almost a century of annual celebrations and now features street dances, a parade, and fireworks. Elsewhere in town, the Heart of Texas Historical Museum celebrates Brady heritage, a rich history of cattle drives and military activity including a 1942 pilot training school and World War II German prisoner-of-war camp. Brady’s Heart of Texas Country Music Museum commemorates legendary country music stars and its annual World Championship Barbeque Goat Cook-off, held every Labor Day Weekend, provides cabrito-lovers a place to come together and “smoke-out” their competitors.