Mountain Trail Region


The city of Alpine unravels pleasantly across a wide, grassy valley along the foothills of the Davis Mountains. At around 4500 feet in elevation, this arid community stays relatively cool during the summer and mild over the wintertime with just a dusting of snow. Its pleasant climate may be a primary draw for tourism today but it was a small, spring-fed creek just below what’s known as “A” Mountain that initially drew settlers and the railroad to the site in the 1880s. Steam provided power to the railroad engines and the little creek provided a source. Settlers soon followed, building houses, saloons, a hotel, livery, butcher shop and drugstore. Trains still ramble through town today, just a few blocks from the red-brick, 1887 Second Empire-style courthouse that continues to serve Brewster County and Alpine citizens. Tradition and innovation thrive side-by-side in Alpine where rodeos, cowboy poetry and art festivals, the historic Holland Hotel, Sul Ross University, and the Alpine Cowboys (a west Texas baseball team who played their first game in 1947) all share this high desert mountain getaway. Art, Baseball, Climate and Cowboys – with all that in one location it might be easy to mistake Alpine for a little piece of paradise.

Alpine boasts a state cultural district designated by the Texas Commission on the Arts. Explore all they have to offer on your next visit!