Tropical Trail Region


Alice, home to America's first all-Hispanic recording company, lies just over 40 miles west of the Texas Gulf Coast. In the mid-1800s, Alice was known as Bandana. But thanks to its location at the junction of two railway lines and a rising importance in the cattle shipping industry, citizens thought the town deserved a more suitable name. Thus, in honor of Alice Gertrudis King Kleberg (a mouthful isn't it!), daughter of the King Ranch patriarch Richard King, the citizenry settled on short and sensible "Alice." From the name change onward, Alice experienced a string of good fortune with just a pinch of scandal—an oil boom secured a surprising amount of wealth for the community while a local ballot box stuffing incident went viral. Perhaps Alice's best gift to Texas was Ideal Records, a landmark 1944 company that helped usher Tejano into the music scene nationwide. The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame and Museum, located downtown, says it all.