Mustard Seed Bed & Breakfast

Built circa 1895.

Business was Booming

A crowd gathers around a stopped locomotive in the forest outside of Llano. A note on the back of the photograph reads "Mr. Will Todman from England, Time Keeper for Quarries at Llano, Texas. Quarrying granite for construction of the State Capitol at Austin."
Credit: Portal to Texas History.

The Carriage-Makers

Pictured: The original home and carriage shop of the Bogusch family in Biala, Austria. This building can still be visited today.
Credit: Bogusch family history via
Pictured: Undated photo of the port city of Indianola, prior to 1875.
Credit: Calhoun County Museum

Escape to Texas

Family photo of Robert, Gustav and Karl Bogusch taken in the early 1870s in Germany.
Credit: Courtesy of owner.

From Carriages to Wagons

"There was some friction"

Pictured: Gustav and Mina with their children, Emilie, Emil, and Oscar, circa 1886.
Credit: Courtesy of property owner.
Original features that can be seen in the house today.
Credit: Courtesy of owner.