Mason Square Hotel

Built in 1900.

Credit: Courtesy of owner.
The first floor of Mason Square Hotel once housed the Buckhorn Saloon, owned by Henry McDougall. But Henry began his barkeeping career at another saloon, the Lone Star, owned by Theo Schmidt, pictured here behind the bar of Lone Star sometime in the 1890s.
Credit: Mason County Historical Commission.

The McDougalls

Pictured: Henry and Martha's wedding photograph.
Credit: Bublik, Wanda McDougall, comp. Germans with a Scottish Name: The Alexander McDougall & Johanna Rahe Family Story. No publisher; revised and expanded, 2018.

Did you know?

Some of the large deer horns that lined the wall behind the bar of Henry McDougall's Buckhorn Saloon were later displayed in San Antonio’s even more famous bar of the same name…

Pictured: Just through the trees, one can spot the Buckhorn Saloon in its original location before Henry McDougall moved it to the present-day site of the Mason Square Hotel.
Credit: Mason County Historical Commission

The Buckhorn Saloon Band

The Good Die Young

Pictured: Martha McDougall and her children after Henry died, ca. 1910.
Credit: Mason County Historical Commission.

After Henry

Pictured: Martha McDougall at a Zesch reunion, 1937.
Credit: Courtesy of Hal Zesch.
Pictured: Martha and her brother, Will, pictured together. Date unknown.
Credit: Courtesy of Scott Zesch.

The Next Chapter

City Market & Bakery

Pictured: City Meat Market, ca. 1929.
Credit: Clear Titles of Mason
Credit: Amelia Zesch.

Mason Square Hotel Today

Credit: Amelia Zesch.