Galveston Historic Overnights: Treaccar's Rental Craftsman

Built in 1920 by Heiman Treaccar.

Credit: Courtesy of owner.

About the Original Owners

Completed on May 30, 1917, Heiman is still listed as "single" though he would marry Janie in less than three months.
Credit: 1917-18 Draft Registration Card

Heiman's Childhood Home

Before Treaccar: A Corner Store

The Many Lives of This Property

Sanborn Fire Insurance maps are an easy way to visualize the lay of the land over 100 years ago. You could divide the history of this part of the island in two: before the storm and after it.
1899 In 1899, this address was occupied by a business that sold groceries and beer.
1900 The hashed-out area indicates “total destruction” and a newly formed tide line just blocks away.
1912 A house was rebuilt on the corner lot but this property’s site remained undeveloped.
1947 Gaps in the record mean we must skip ahead to 1947 to view the present-day footprint.
The two lions that flank the front porch steps aren't original. They may not even be historic, according to the owner, but who's to say this quirky bit of décor won't become a hallmark of this home 100 years from now?
Credit: Courtesy of the owner.

Q. What elements of the house are original?

A: The exposed shiplap behind the kitchen shelves, milled cedar siding, the rare long leaf pine flooring, high ceilings, and weighted windows with wavy glass.


Mallory Laurel

Special Projects Coordinator