Galveston Historic Overnights: The German Cottage

Built in 1875 by Bessie Masen.

Pictured: The German Cottage, built in 1875.
Credit: Courtesy of the owner.

About the Original Owners

Credit: The Galveston Daily News, July 6, 1886.

Picture This

Wagon Lingo: A dray is a kind of wagon or cart with no or low sides used for hauling heavy items like barrels.
Credit: Portal to Texas History: Everett, James. [Harbor City Dray Line], photograph, 1898.

Most Likely German

Independence Trail Region
Credit: Mallory Laurel

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Historical Tidbits

The original footprint of the cottage can be seen in this Sanborn Fire Insurance map from 1889 (top and just left of center). Note the five-foot posts it sits upon, which perhaps contributed to it survival during the 1900 storm.
Credit: University of Texas Libraries.

More About Germans in Galveston


Mallory Laurel

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