Galveston Historic Overnights: The Educator's Townhouse

Built in 1875 by James Nash.

Credit: Courtesy of owner.

About the Original Owners

Pictured: Nash's School Opening Announcement
Credit: Civilian And Galveston City Gazette, March 4, 1843

A Coed Academy

After the Death of James Nash

The property can be seen in the lower left portion of this 1871 map, depicting a side gable building with a covered porch or canopy on the southern elevation.
Credit: 1871 Bird’s Eye View Map of Galveston, public domain.

The Safos Family

A Thorny Tale About the Two Bits Café

"Two local juvenile boys who attempted to burglarize a beach-front cafe Thursday morning were 'trapped' by the burs. Detective Walter J. Lacy gave chase after the two fifteen-year-olds broke the rear window...

of the Two Bits Cafe... but the pair eluded him. An hour later, he was called to John Sealy hospital investigating another incident and noticed two boys seated in the waiting room...

They had grass burs on their trousers which matched those the policeman had picked up while chasing the burglars from the beachfront establishment...

Lacy found that one of them had lodged a grass bur in his vocal cords while running with his mouth open." After questioning them, he concluded this was the guilty pair...

The article notes that the doctor spent 30 minutes fishing for the bur in the young man's throat. "He was reported to be in a more talkative mood Thursday afternoon."


The Galveston Daily News published on Friday, August 2, 1957.

About the House

Architecture and Original Elements

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