Galveston Historic Overnights: The Dressmaker's Corner

Built in 1914 by C.H. Anderson.

Credit: J.R. Shaw, Galveston Unscripted
1871 (left) and 1885 (right) birdseye views show the location of two cottages at the site of the present-day property.
Credit: Public domain.

About the Original Owners

A Cottage Spared

The cottages at Broadway and 17th (indicated by the arrow) were miraculously spared when the fire jogged west.
Pictured: An English periodical shares a moment-to-moment account of the fire only a day after it occurred.
Credit: The Devon and Exeter Daily Gazette Exeter, November 14, 1885.

The Great Fire of 1885

Left: Leon Blum residence approx. 1880; right: Leon Blum's enclosure, looking northwest, 1885.
Credit: Rosenberg Library.

Later Owners

Q: What elements of the house are original?

A: Three of four window panes in the kitchen, indicated by their waviness, which is common in handblown sheet glass. In the backyard, the clothesline and brick oven are also original.

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