Galveston Historic Overnights: The Barber's Victorian Cottage

Built in 1894 by Adolph Helmann.

Credit: Courtesy of owner.

About the Original Owners

Credit: The Galveston Daily News, September 28, 1895.

A New What?

Later Owners

Keep reading to learn more about the tumultuous history of this long-lost pier and fishing destination.

This postcard of Bettison Fishing Pier was addressed to a resident of Rainbow, Texas and was postmarked in 1908.
Credit: Rosenberg Library
Pictured: Ferry to Bettison Pier.

Bettison By Ferry

Pictured: Bettison Pier, ca. 1907.
Credit: De Golyer Library, Southern Methodist University

A Captain’s Fond Farewell

Pictured: "Scouring the Bay"
Credit: Galveston Daily News, July 23, 1909.
Pictured: "As the surf looked Aug. 27th 1909, Galveston, Tex." Surf Bath House (background).
Credit: Galveston History Center

The Tragic Fate of the Bettisons

Mrs. Chapman's Pier

Bettison Pier in the Record Books

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Ask any Texas angler and they'll know the name Gus Pangarakis... Scroll through to discover Bettison Pier's place in fishing lore.

Bettison Pier in the Record Books

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Known at the time for the monster catch that loitered in the breakwaters around the north jetties, Bettison was a popular destination for those seeking record-breaking grouper and sawfish.

Bettison Pier in the Record Books

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Using ordinary conventional tackle (and some clever tactics to aid the sometime hours-long battle with leviathan fish), Gus set many records while fishing at Bettison.

Bettison Pier in the Record Books

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At night when the predatory fish were most active, he could often be found there tied down to huge granite blocks to keep from being dragged out to sea.

Bettison Pier in the Record Books

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To this day, the 739-pound sawfish he caught at Bettison Pier in 1939 is still the largest on record in the state.

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