Made for Matrimony Textile Exhibit

July 22, 2024 to August 23, 2024

Tropical Trail Region
501 E Ringgold St Brownsville , TX 78520 (956) 547-6890

June 27 - August 24, 2024

The Costumes of the Americas Museum opened at its new location in September of 2022. The Museum is located at 1004 E. 6th Street in Brownsville. Visit and learn about the rich cultural history of Mexico, Central America, and South America through textiles on display. Rotating exhibits from a collection of over 600 costumes bring to life the stories of ancient cultures and artistic craftsmanship.

Weddings are celebrations of unions around the world. They are the intersection of family, customs, and heritage. Cultures and traditions can vary within the same country and between neighboring regions. In the case of Mexico and Central America, there are diverse wedding attire, ceremonial accessories, and practices. Across Mexico, there are shared religious customs due to the predominant Catholic population, however, some states have unique traditional bridal trajes (dresses) that are drastically different from one another. Nearby countries such as Guatemala and Panama might share similar religious practices and ceremonial customs to those of Mexico due to Spanish colonial influence although, the items that are part of those rituals can typically be made of various types of material and differ in appearance.

The Brownsville Historical Association presents Made for Matrimony an exhibit featuring wedding textiles from Mexico and Central America. The exhibit explores the diversity of styles, colors, and designs of wedding dresses from these regions. From white lace to intricate colorful floral embroidery the exhibit includes an assortment of unique dresses. In addition to bridal vestment, the exhibition includes ceremonial items such as arras (wedding coins) and the lazo (lasso).

Made for Matrimony Textile Exhibit

501 E Ringgold St Brownsville , TX 78520