Bobby Orozco Piano Concert

October 8, 2022

Forest Trail Region
1500 Procter Street Port Arthur, TX 77640 (972) 213-7398

Bobby Orozco is a native of Bridge City, Texas. Over the past decade, he's written a numerous amount of piano compositions after moving to the Dallas area. He will be showcasing his work alongside live artist, Ines Avidres, on stage with him during the performance.

Bobby will also be releasing new arrangements of 3 American Civil War songs arranged for piano and cello and 6 pieces written and recorded by The Driftin' Outlaw Band, also arranged for piano and cello. Bobby has drummed and played bass in The Driftin' Outlaw Band since 2016.

Bobby Orozco Piano Concert

1500 Procter Street Port Arthur, TX 77640